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E-WasteForAll is one of the company that have impacted it's adversaries

    Education Support and Donation

  •      Upcoming School Donation: Education supporting project to township less-privileged school with Information
                                                          and Technology(IT) equipments.
  •      Church Donation: E-WasteForAll has donated IT equipments to ACK South Africa. ACKSA website
  •      Latest Orphanage Donation: We are planning to provide IT equipments and necessary IT support to Cotland
                                                          orphanage in Johannesburg in near the near future.Cotland website

Cotland DonationCotland DonationCotland Donation

  •      Upcoming Event: Meeting with the big Information and Technology investment company of South Africa on the
                                          purpose of discussing about improving the computer recycling and REFURBISHEDment in the SA and the
                                           surrounding countries as well.