About E-Waste Recycling E-waste for all
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    Nowadays,we are surrounded by Electronics appliances which play an important role in our daily lives. From your cell phone to your laptop and television, almost everything in our houses or offices has electronic components; And technology is not a stagnant field, it is always improving and by doing so, it also increases our need to upgrade our equipment. These improvements come along with an important amount of superfluous equipment in need of recycling.

    Recycle your Waste

    We focus in the area of electronics. Whatever equipment that cannot be repaired, we dismantle it and send it to recyclers.
    Our operations are as follow:

    1. 1.E-waste collection
    2. We collect e-waste from companies, universities and government offices.
    4. We refurbish working or electronically damaged equipments.
    5. 3.Dismantling
    6. We dismantle equipments that are beyond repair or do not have any value.
    7. 4. Buy back
    8. We also buy salvage IT equipments from organizations.

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