Welcome to e-waste for all

E-waste for all is a multi service company that's offer the following services :

-Repairing, upgrading and troubleshooting computers

-Recycling of IT equipment

-Providing practical training to last year students in order to equip them with practical knowledge


Computer recycinlg

-Contact us to arrange drop off or collection

-We collect your items

-We provide environmental disposal of any product beyond repair,data wiping,refurbishment


Upgrade,repair,trouble shooting of servers,desktops and laptops

-Contact us to arrange device assessment(free)

-We send you a quotation

-Payment and product fixed


Practical training

-You must be a final year student

-Fields:computer engineering,computer networking,network administration,server engineering

-Duration:12 months

About Us

E-waste for all is a computer recycling company that offers multiple services


 Phone: 081 307 0094

Email: info@e-wasteforall.co.za

Address: 37,main street Townsview 2190
johannesburg south
Gauteng/South Africa

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